Opaque Vinyl Screens

  • 100% Block

Opaque Vinyl is offered in coated mesh and solid varieties. Opaque Vinyl provides total visual protection. These fabrics present fine appearances for screening applications like tennis court windscreens, dividers, and cafe curtains. All sizes available.

Opaque Windscreen Privacy Screen PVC 100% Block Solid. Comes in 50 ft rolls. Fully taped & brass grometed on all sides 24" on center. Finished heights are less than nominal heights. So for 8ft - 7ft 8", 6 ft - is 5 ft 8". 5 ft is 4 ft 8" and 4 ft is 3 ft 8". Easy to attach to fence with cable ties or hog rings sold separately. 10ft is - 9ft 8" - It comes with centerline grommets. SOLID FABRICS ARE FOR JOBS REQUIRING A BROADER RANGE OF COLORS, AND TOTAL OPACITY. THESE FABRICS PROVIDE THE FINEST APPEARANCE FOR SCREENING APPLICATIONS LIKE TENNIS COURT WIND SCREENS, DIVIDERS, AND EVEN CAFE CURTAINS AND CANOPIES. ALL SIZES AVAILABLE!

All styles, with the exception of Privacy Enviro Knit Full Rolls, are available in standard 50' panels and smaller custom sizes. Non standard heights above 6' or 8' are offered with mid seams. Panels are laced with tape and grommets and can be fastened to an existing fence using cable ties or hog rings. Grommets are spaced 24" apart unless custom spacing is requested.

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