Elegance No-Dig Post Mount and Welded Surface Mount

A Revolutionary Fence Post "No-Dig" Installation System without digging holes. also see DECK POST MOUNT - welded flange bottom

Elegance No-Dig Post Installation System saves time and money. Avoid the time consuming and destructive chore of digging holes for posts. With the No-Dig Post Mounts, the vinyl posts only need to penetrate a couple of inches into the ground and are a few feet shorter than regular vinyl posts. The shorter posts result in cheaper shipping costs. Elegance No-Dig Post Mounts are sold for all fence heights and styles, including arbors. Welded post mounts are offered for a porch or deck railing surface mount on concrete or wood.

Drive into the Ground 
For lawns, drive the Post Mount into the ground up to the line you marked.

Then slide the vinyl post over the mount.

Assemble the Brackets 
Take 2 Post Mount brackets and slide the inner cylinder of the Post Mount over the outside of steel pipe.

Mark the Ground Level 
Mark a heavy line on the post to annotate  where ground level is to show how deep the round pipe will  be driven into the ground. Typically bottom of the bottom horizontal rail is 2” from ground level.

Line Up the Brackets 
Place the pipe with the two Post Mounts brackets on the ground or any level surface. (Note: This will insure that both post mount brackets are square to insure proper vinyl sleeve installation over the post-mounts.) 

Drill the Brackets into Place 
Using (16) ¾” - .410 Stainless Steel metal self-drilling screws attach the Post-mounts brackets to your steel pipe. (Note: Please note that it is not necessary to use all fasteners but the more you use the stronger it will be.)

Installation Note: Some applications require that the horizontal rails of the fence sections be attached to the vinyl post sleeve using brackets. In this instance, fasten your Post Mounts on the round pipe in designated points allowing the fence bracket fasteners to attach to the outer wall of the Post Mount.

Parts Included in a Box 
(2) Post Mounts Brackets Adapters 
(16) .410 Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Screws

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