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Installation Tips
Timeless designs with the strength and durability of aluminum, they add value to your property.
      The installation tips below are applicable all lines of Aluminum Fences.
Palace Traditional Black Series   E - Series   Easy to Assemble Series  

Installation Tips


  • Check local fence codes.

  • Have utilities marked.

  • Measure and plan area.

  • Clear fence path of obstructions.

  • Reserve your tool rental if needed.

  • Buy concrete and have delivered.

  • Unpack material and take inventory.

Mark the End Posts
Drive a 1x2 stake firmly into the ground, marking each end of the fence line. Drive a small nail into the top of each stake marking what will be the center of the fence posts. Stakes typically project 4 to 6 inches above ground; however, taller stakes may be required for the string to clear low obstructions along the fence line.
Establish a 90-Degree Corner

So that each corner of the fence will form an exact 90-degree angle, lay them out using the 3-4-5 triangulation method.

Begin with the side you have laid out, which has the corners A and B in the drawing. Put a batter board beyond the third corner and another one beyond the opposite corner corner B in the drawing. String a line from crosspiece to crosspiece so that it crosses the nail in the corner stake at point B. From the same corner stake, measure out 3 (or 6) feet along one string and 4 (or 8) feet along the other, and mark these measurements on the strings.

Have a helper slide the string along the far batter board until the diagonal distance between the marks equals 5 (or 10) feet. Mark the string location on the batter board. Mark the location of the terminal post on the string, hang a plumb bob or use a level to transfer this point to the ground, and drive a stake at this point (C).
Set the end, corner, and gate posts
Dig holes at least 6" in diameter and 2' deep depending on size of posts. Scoop loose dirt out of the hole and measure to check depth. If too shallow, keep digging, if too deep add some loose gravel. Set post in hole and measure to assure proper depth.

Shovel your mixed concrete around post; fill to 4" below ground level. Pack the excavated dirt tight around post, this will help keep your post from moving. Make sure the post is plumb against the string line and check for levelness.

Install fence sections at least 2" off of the ground. This will allow you to trim under the bottom of the fence without damage and assure easy lawn maintenance.

Install line posts and attach sections
Start at an end, corner, or gate post and dig three holes in the direction of your fence line. Holes should be dug 73" apart on center for 2" posts and 6' wide sections. This number will change if you are using a larger post and/or 8' wide fence sections.

Check the fence run and posts to make sure they are straight, level, plumb and the correct height every 5 sections as you are installing. If a correction needs to be made use a rubber mallet while the concrete is still soft.

Installing Panels
Slide a fence section into the starting end, corner, or gate post, then slide a line post on the opposite side. Then concrete the line post in the ground. Repeat this procedure down your fence run; installing section - line post - section - line post. Don't forget to secure each section with the self-tapping screw provided by the manufacturer. 
Installing Hinge Side of Gates
Set gate opening to the size of gate ordered. For example if you ordered a 48" wide gate, you will set your gate posts to 50" on center or 48" inside face to inside face. Gates with the Locinox already installed may need a slightly larger opening. We recommend to wait until you have all the material and hardware in hand before the opening is determined.

It is advised to wait 7 days before hanging your gates. If this is not possible and you have to hang the gates sooner, at least wait 7 days before the gate is used heavily.

Installing Gate Locks
A variety of gate locks are optional. Standard Gate hardware includes standard strike latch. Other models, including one shown here, have to be ordered separately.
Odd Angle Corners
A swivel bracket is used when you need to make a turn in your fence line that is not 90 where a corner post is normally utilized. By using multiple swivel brackets you can also make a radiused turn.
Installing On Concrete
To install a fence on top of a concrete pad you will need to either core drill or use concrete anchors in conjunction with a welded plate on your post. Core drilling gives you a cleaner finish but is more difficult .
Installing Panels to Walls
The above picture shows wall brackets attached to the corner of a brick house. Wall brackets are very useful in this application and also when you want to attach to columns, wood, or blank posts.
Sample Layout
For the project in our sample layout, we have sketched in the Walk Gate, the Double Drive Gate, and all the posts. End Posts are needed on each side of the house unless the fence is secured to the wall, in which case you will need wall mount castings. According to our layout we need to order:18 sections of fence11 Line Posts1 Walk Gate1 Double Drive Gate (2 sections of gates)4 Corner Posts2 End

Posts NOTE: Gate posts are included with every gate.